A secret love, a poem for her, the secrets you take to the grave. Poems for lovers abound, but non is sadder than the poems of untold love.

The gift (to Shelly)

Autumn night, not long ago,
little town, someone's gone.
They say he was a lonely man,
without a smile, without a song.

Up he went into the light
searching for Saint Peter's door,
piece of paper left behind
tells the dust... what never’s for.

"Oh! My friend, my brightest star,
I know my day will turn to night."
"Away from you my heart will sail
and you'll forget how much we shared."

"I just wonder if there's a place
for those who love and never dare."
"I never told, I never said,
I kept the secret to myself."

Piece of paper left behind,
piece of paper never read,
tears are silent in thy grave
as you lie beneath the earth.

One witness still remains,
a shining witness he gave one day.
The love she never knew was there
lives forever as a mystic tale.

Blessed with tears, his gift for her
will never tell, will never say.
Golden chain upon her chest,
will keep the secret... just the same.

José Vidal – Pepín 2007 ©

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