The Domiciliary (Dom) is an integral part of the VA Hospital located at Bay Pines, Florida. This temporary residence (domiciliary) serves as host for homeless veterans that come from different regions of the country. All of them receive treatment for different psychological and physical conditions. Drug dependence, alcoholism, and combat trauma are the constant struggle for a high percentage of these war participants. Cocaine is main enemy in this battle and Mrs. Laverne Feaster (Dom Director) leads the fight against this formidable adversary.

The Dom (To kill a Flower)

Don’t tell mama
white roses fall,
I’ll give you nails
to bleed them all.

When you are in pain
they surf the floor,
you drive the waves,
they close the doors.

Against the wall
their dust will stain
the corridor
that lights the brain.

White roses fall,
white roses bleed.
They open gates
you’ve never seen.

The darkest hour
is yet to fade,
when colors clout
the Rose…turns red!

The blinds are closed
the sunshine fails,
search your soul,
the sunshine’s there.

Close the gates,
flush the powder,
go, tell mama
you’ve kill the flower

and feel…the power!

José Vidal – Pepín 2007 ©


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