Hazel Eyes

Little leagues
they play baseball.
The kid's at bat
the bleachers roar

He looks... the look
he clears his mind
He even stares
with hazel eyes

The game is tied
It's... the ninth
Bases loaded
the game's on line

I feel the tension... running tight
Hazel Eyes is pointing high...
He takes a swing
and thunder strikes!

He rounds the bases
he nods and smiles
he tips his hat...
The crowd goes wild!

He searched the stands
clapping hands...
There... they were
Mom and dad...

Behind the fence
I watch it all
my Harley idling
ready... to go

I felt a few...
I wiped them out
The winds were gushing
their ghostly sounds

It was senseless
but I... did cry
cause’ I'm a drifter
with hazel eyes.

José Vidal – Pepín 2007 ©

email: jvidal77@hotmail.com

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